Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

thought a week - winter break and reflecting

The first week after the winter break is in the books.
Over those two and a half weeks most of us just relaxed and tried not to think about school and university again. If that's the right approach depends on how you get back in your daily routine again afterwards.
Some of us may start getting things done one week prior to the first official school week, just to get their mindset right. This can be done by either checking your to-do list (assuming you have one) and planning your next steps or just going over them in your head. The key thing would be to get ones head back into action.
We all know how we tend to go in standby-mode when we’re done with the last task or seminar the week before Christmas.
But another way would be to stay active right from the beginning of the winter break. Probably the best way to stay active and involved, and even develop further is to reflect on the last few months. 

This can be done either in written form or just quietly by yourself. Especially at teacher training, the tasks keep piling up and if you’re not ready for all of this, it can become overwhelming. The funny thing is that we have reflecting tasks to write for this semester anyway, but as I mentioned above, it quickly can become overwhelming, and if it does, you just write and don't think about what you are actually writing. This way it's more about remembering than actually reflecting and thinking about what happened.
So I think its beneficial if you try to use the winter break for gathering you thoughts rather than strictly enjoying the free-time.
Other than that, I heard a few friends talk about how stressful the first week was and how hard it was to adjust to the schedule again, even though the schedule has been almost exactly the same as at the beginning of the semester. It seems like a lot of people have a hard time going back to their routine.
Upon hearing that, I was even more convinced that we absolutely should use the winter break, not only to regroup, but also to stay ‘in-shape’ during the break.
And if you enjoy what you’re doing, working with friendly colleagues, learning, teaching, being at the university and being at school, it shouldn't be a problem staying involved during an off-time like the winter break.

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