Welcome to my Blog!

You will find different themed-posts in this Blog, ranging form teacher-training and development to general thoughts on educational topics.

The posts and the ideas within them are based on experiences I had during my years at Universities, schools and various other teaching and coaching experiences. I had great opportunities to teach and coach in two different countries and study at universities in three countries. I was fortunate enough to be able to work at the kindergarden level, primary school, secondary school level and in adult education. I've been involved in very interesting projects, ranging from e-Learning to multi-cultural language projects. 

I believe that for somebody to be able to have a broader impact on the educational landscape, it is important to gain as much experiences as possible. And with that, my goal is set - I want to learn and experience as much as I can, about different school systems, educational issues, cultures and countries. I am happy to be on the right track to achieve all that.

So, I'm still quite young in terms of experience when it comes to many areas, but that's something this Blog is aimed at doing - it is a chance for me to reflect, share my experiences, as well as spark communication about the topic of education, which is vital for everybody, regardless of background.

Although some posts are just reflections about my own experiences, I encourage everyone to share their own thoughts as well. Education touches everyone, and I hope most people have spent some time thinking about it and forming their opinion, so feel free to chime in and share! Discussion is what keeps a lot of things going, Education being one of them.

Education is such a broad societal topic, there are different countries, languages, school systems and cultural issues, various societal and political differences that influence our point of view tremendously. The main thing is to understand where everybody comes from. I believe that even if you are not per sé involved in teaching, or coaching or some form of pedagogy, there is something valuable you can share and we can all benefit and improve, because Education is the most important topic and concerns everybody.