Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2015

How to? Tablets, Internet Security & a delay

Imagine a tablet project, which is starting off very slowly as it is, where the classes are already going on for about two months, but the tablets still couldn't be handed out. 

The goal is to provide a couple of classes with some tablets to work with. These tablets should be used in almost all subjects. They won't be individual tablets per se, but there will be enough of them, so that almost everyone in the class is able to use one. 

As I mentioned before, the school year has already started. Ideally the tablets should be used right from the get go, but in this case there has been a delay. Now this is where the first part of the question comes in, why the delay?

The tablets couldn't be delivered, because, apart from some random preparing of the administrator settings, the tablets will be outfitted with an anti-virus app/program. So the follow-up question now becomes, why is it necessary to install this, especially while well knowing what kind of delay it causes?

Doesn't this bring up great teaching possibilities? For one, this seems like the perfect time for the kids to talk and learn about internet security. Basic questions like, why do we have/need such programming, do you think it is necessary, what can we do to prevent mishaps etc. 
Secondly, if someone decides that it is absolutely necessary to install it, why not let the kids do it? It seems like an ideal time for kids to learn about how to get started with a tablet, what kind of settings to use and how installing works. By handing them a fully equipped tablet, you take away many interesting and useful learning opportunities.

Why is that? Even if its a theoretical issue, how do you go about solving it?