Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Blogging for Teachers/Students

There are a lot of good reasons for teachers to blog. Different sources provide inspiration, or just give you an idea what it’s all about. Probably one of best posts I read regarding blogging, was this one, it really sums up the benefits of blogging as a teacher, and kind of makes you want to start one right away (BTW I really liked this first comment, which is one of the main points in my opinion too: “Blogging is fun”).
Another thing for me personally was that blogging is an actual exercise for us at the university. In the first year, it didn’t start as ‘classic’ blogging where you write about what’s happening regularly and then post it somewhere, it started out as more of an observation and reflection. At the end of our teaching practice we had to summarize what we’ve experienced and write it down - kind of like a journal.

So there was no instant feedback, which you obviously have, if you go the ‘classic’ blogging route. But for our second year, we were encouraged to blog in real-time. The assignment was to open a blog on our Mahara-Portfolio and share our thoughts about the teaching practice.
In my case, I decided to take it to another level and started a blog here straight away. Since I’ve been reading a lot of Edu-Blogs and following a lot of Educational-Tweeps, it was an obvious decision to try this on a ‘bigger stage’.

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