Montag, 23. Februar 2015

Another Mahara Video

I posted my second Tutorial-ish Mahara Video. It is not quite like the first one, as in, it is not exactly a step-by-step guide through some basic things.
I wanted to make a Video about some of the common question I get asked during most of the Mahara introductory workshops: who can see my page? where do my documents go? And so on.

Since this topic is not something that is best shown on the platform itself, I tried to spice up the video with some nice little animations. The first time you use some kind of new application, it seems like endless trial and error. Even if you read and watch how-to-tips, the first time around, everything takes at least twice as long. It was nevertheless fun to think up and create the animations.

So here it is, and like the last time, it is in german.

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