Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2014

Mahara Tutorial Updated

Quite a few things have happened since the initial launch of our handbook. A couple of graduations and system updates later we managed to release a new version. I wrote a blog post about the release of the handbook a while back.

Since then both my colleague and I graduated and our Mahara system has been updated as well. I don't actually know if there were any plans for an update, but through my work at a different seminar and university I took a look through it again. Granted, while we were working on the first version, we were kind of doing it on the side since our regular study schedule was still in place. I mention this, because upon looking through it, I found quite a few small mistakes that I was not really proud of.

The students at the seminar to whom I recommended it were also complete rookies, meaning they had never used Mahara nor any sorts of e-Portfolio software before. And this can even turn smaller mistakes in the handbook into big ones for the students. The good thing is that this tutorial was a passion project for both of us, so before the Masters program started, we took a bit of time out of our schedule and managed to fix the mistakes and also update it. This update was important regardless, because the first handbook was released about 2,5 years ago, meaning that there were quite a few things different in the newer Mahara versions.

Although there aren't any new features in use for the practical training we would have had to add, it was nonetheless important to update the language, a couple of explanations and pictures. If you are interested you can find it here, and feel free to let me know about any other mistakes you find!

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