Samstag, 8. September 2012

Exchange year in Göteborg, Sweden

Now that the first big wave of stress and astonishment has passed I can focus on my studies again.

In this autumn term I will attend three different courses which are all really exciting for me.
The biggest course is called English for young learners and is divided into three main topics: Didactics, Literature and Pronunciation.
My second course is called The School System in a Comparative Perspective which deals with all kinds of Educational topics.
The third course I'm taking is English: Oral and Written Proficiency. 
This is a great mix between pedagogic themes and also a general improvement of my own language skills.

I will get more into writing for the courses anyway, but I still have a few other topics to cover for which I had no time the last two months.
Also I'll still be using our Mahara Portfolio for my work here!
It offers a great Platform to organise my thoughts and assignments even though its not directly involved in my studies here, but I'm glad to have it nonetheless.

So, new posts will be up soon!

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