Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

speaking and presenting skill

The main skills teachers should have, is to be able to talk in front of people.
In our teacher training, we have the opportunity to present and talk a lot. Not only do we get to teach in class, but there are also a few seminars in which some of the tasks require presenting something to a group.

If you want to be a teacher you shouldn't be too introverted, you should be comfortable with talking in front of groups, regardless if it is a group of kids or other colleagues.

I know it’s not for everyone to talk spontaneously about anything in front of a crowd, and it’s totally okay to be nervous.
But if you know you will have to present something, and you get two or three weeks to prepare for it, and you get specific instructions about what you’re supposed to talk, then there should be no excuses not to present professionally.

I’ve experience a lot of other student-teachers dealing with ‘stage fright’. Fortunately practice makes perfect, but there are also some basic tips that can help. Most of the mistakes made, are just because of the nervousness and can be easily fixed by focusing on a few key aspects:

- don’t talk to one person, try to incorporate everybody
- find spots in the room that you can focus on
- or look for two or three people in the audience that look friendly to you, and focus on them
- try to maintain eye contact, even though it’s not easy, it keeps everyone involved
- speak loudly and try to stay with you natural tone (speed and intonation)
- if you need something to hold on for, take a pen in your hand, of fold a paper in half and hold that

- don’t stand behind a desk or a chair
- try to get a feel for moving, step in front of the audience, but don't move all the time, it can be distracting

and the last and most important part:
- be confident

because you know you prepared for everything and it is something you worked on enough.

Take every opportunity you have in seminars and talk and try to remember one or two of points I mentioned above, and you'll develop this skill step by step.

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